Hello PSA Families, The time has come for our second wave of Virtual SC registration for 7th-10th Grade Students. Registration will open on September 2nd and close on September 9th. Have questions? Check out some of the commonly asked questions below.

What is Virtual SC? Virtual SC is the online platform for free, online classes. These classes are taught by Highly Qualified, South Carolina licensed teachers.

Who needs to take Virtual SC classes? There are a variety of students who can take classes through Virtual SC. The majority of PSA students taking courses through Virtual SC are taking them to ensure they have the credits needed for graduation. Many students transferring into our school may need these classes in order to stay on track for their grade level while others may take classes due to it not being offered at our school.

If your child needs to take a Virtual SC course, you will see a placeholder in his/her Power School schedule that say “Study Hall.” This indicates that a course may be needed through Virtual SC. If you believe this has been done in error, please let a member of the administrative team and/or counselor know.

What classes are offered through Virtual SC and when do I sign up? Want to know what classes are being offered? Follow the link below for more details regarding Virtual SC. You will also find the link to show the deadlines to sign up for each type of course. It is imperative to be ready to register as soon as your window opens. From there, your assigned counselor can review the courses you wish to take.


Want to know more information? Follow the link below. https://virtualsc2016-my.sharepoint.com/:w:/g/personal/virtualscresources_virtualsc_org/EcDTCsDz0udMrxyH_6cysTEBdbGzDx0IuTSRzleB2q5GMw?e=KkKMs4

Need tutorials on how to get started? Follow the link below! https://virtualsc.org/student-tutorials/

Still have more questions? Do not hesitate to reach out to Amber Speights at amber.speights@psaschool.org.

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