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School Activity Contacts

Contact: Tammy Wiman (tammy.wiman@psaschool.org)

Biology Olympiad
Contact: Dina Moseley (dina.moseley@psaschool.org)

Contact: Jessica McQuatters (jessica.mcquatters@psaschool.org)

Interact Club
Contact: Lauren Mitchell (lauren.mitchell@psaschool.org)

Math Team, Astronomy Club, Phoenix Knights Saber Team
Contact: Jeremy Hughes (jeremy.hughes@psaschool.org)

Model UN
Contact: Leslie Sullivan (leslie.sullivan@psaschool.org)

National History Day
Contact: Lisa Hakamiun (lisa.hakamiun@psaschool.org)

Odyssey of the Mind
Contact: Amy Monsky (amonsky@psaschool.org)

PSA Shakes
Contact: David Loar (david.loar@psaschool.org)

Contact: Cristy Truesdale (cristy.truesdale@psaschool.org)

Storm the Citadel STEM Competitions, NASA Space Grant 2017
Contact: Rhys Harris (rhys.harris@psaschool.org)