Look Out Universe! Here Comes PSA!

PSA team’s experiment to be used
on International Space Station


PSA’s Detects Team has won a national award and a spot for their experiment onboard the International Space Station. The project, if successful, could save millions of dollars in space mission costs.

“Our experiment is designed to test a particulate sensor called the SPS30. The project is designed to validate the usage of COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) hardware in space missions,” said Michael Blunt, project manager. “We designed our experiment around our sensor (the SPS30) because particulate sensors currently used in spaceflight cost millions  to develop and manufacture, while the SPS30 costs about $50 and is supposed to be more accurate, reliable, and smaller.”

The team members are:

Michael Blunt, “Project Manager” (Team Leader, responsible for all components of the project) 

Samantha Quartuccio, “Chief Engineer” (In charge of math and engineering details)

Morgan Peterson, “Outreach Lead” (In charge of community engagement)

Max Freedman, “Experiment Lead” (In charge of developing the physical experiment)

Emann Rivero, “Test Lead” (In charge of verifying the experiment can meet requirements from UAH)

Ben Deaton, “Experiment Group” (Assisted in assembling the physical experiment and other miscellaneous tasks)

Dr. Susan Harper is in charge of The Mission Design class.

The Detects Team, one of three programs offered through PSA’s Mission Design class, has been working on the project for about two years.

The launch date for the project has not been announced yet.

For more about the project, check out the team’s YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt28s-YzC5u1R7FAfhz0aJw


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