PSA Parent Community Association

Thank you very much for supporting the PSA community through PCA membership!

The PSA Parent and Community Association (PCA) is a volunteer organization which exists to support and enrich the academic and community life of the students at Palmetto Scholars Academy and to aid the faculty, staff and administration of the school in carrying out their work.

We do this through sponsoring extra-curricular activities, financially supporting teacher and student requests for needed items, and coordinating volunteers. We conduct fundraising events to make this possible. Some of our past activities include: kick-off picnic / ice cream social to start the school year, formal dances, pancake breakfasts, BBQ dinners, talent show / silent auction. A few examples of the many things we’ve purchased: equipment for the classrooms, ice machine for our concession stand, microphones, furniture for the school, sponsored many events (or provided up-front money needed for the event), helped defray the costs of field trips, helped purchase a piano and keyboards/software for the music program and supported many of our academic teams when they qualified for state or national competitions.

PCA Mission:

  • To support the continuation of the quality education being provided at PSA
  • To Protect the children and work to maintain a safe and healthy environment at the school.
  • To foster effective lines of communication between parents and the board of directors, faculty, and administration of PSA.
  • To support, preserve, and expand the sense of community and allegiance to PSA.
  • To provide additional cultural and education enrichment opportunities for the school through fund-raising efforts.

2019 – 2020 PCA Leadership:

President: John Warder – email

Vice President: Doneen Frohlich

Secretary: *Open*

Treasurer: Susan Durand

Members at Large:

Allison Warder, Megan deJager, Aspa Clark, Stephanie Strauchon, Lisa Hakamiun,

Ben Gandy, Sheri Glaab, Letitia Greaves, Jessica Burnside, Nola Freedman and Marcy Freeman

Committee Chairs:

School Festival: Open

Walk-A-Thon: Sherry Glab / Susan Durand

Teacher Appreciation: Megan deJager

Communication: Sherry Glaab

Membership: Open

Ongoing Fundraising: Lisa Hakamiun / Allison Warder

School Merchandise: Doneen Frohlich

Faculty Luncheons: Stephanie Strauchon

Palmetto Scholars Academy ~ Parent Community Association

7499 Dorchester Road, North Charleston, SC 29418

Phone: 843-300-4118 Fax: 843-300-4123

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