This is a reminder about NHS tutoring!

NHS tutoring is a service offered by the school’s National Honor Society to help students succeed in their classes. This includes working through homework, going over lessons, and working towards building better study habits and plans!

We currently offer one-on-one appointments as well as a weekly Thursday Session.

The one-on-one appointments can be scheduled here. The student and tutor will work together as needed/scheduled for about an hour on whatever the student needs help with. We have 7 tutors who are all phenomenal at what they do, and we currently offer tutoring in all subjects other than Physics and French. More information about each tutor and what they specialize in can be found on the appointments form linked above.

The Thursday Session is available to all and is the remote learning verison of prior years’ NHS tutoring. Everyone is split into groups based on topic and works with a tutor for an hour. These occur every Thursday from 4-5pm. Here is the recurring link.

Recently, to make tutoring more effective, we have created some new guidelines.

First, please remember to respect your tutor and their time! We are also students with demanding schedules.

Please let us know in advance if you need to cancel an appointment and give us at least a 24 hours notice for new appointments.

We have also created a one-on-one appointment ban, which is up to tutor discretion. This means that if a student is banned, they are no longer allowed to book one-on-one sessions. HOWEVER, they are still allowed to come to the Thursday session. We are trying to use this as little as possible as we understand the difficulties of remote learning.

Please feel free to email Saanvi at with any questions or concerns.
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