The Daffodil Project

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Students at PSA planted daffodils as part of a project to remember victims of the Holocaust.
The Daffodil Project is a Living Holocaust Memorial where organizations from all around the world
plant daffodils in memory of the children who perished in the Holocaust and in support for children suffering in humanitarian crises in the world today. Lainey Crafton organized a group of students to participate in the project for PSA. They planted the bulbs in the front of the school, parallel with the Palmetto Scholars Academy sign.

The Charleston Jewish Federation’s Remember Program for Holocaust Education and Genocide Awareness honored the PSA student participants. Through the program, the students learned how to stand up to all forms of hate and educate others about the Holocaust.

As part of the program, the students planted 250 daffodil bulbs on PSA campus. The student participants were:
Ashley Ackerman
Laynie Crafton
Carson Frohlich
Georgia Harris
Jayden Megett
Jackson Riesen
Antonio Roberts
Juliette Strickland
Jason VanMier

The PSA Difference

How we are different
Palmetto Scholars Academy (PSA) will provide a differentiated program designed to meet the educational needs of intellectually gifted learners, address their distinctive social and emotional needs, promote individual character development and instill a life-long love of learning. Our students will engage with leading innovative organizations in higher education, business, and science, to empower them to make original and impactful contributions toward the elevation of South Carolina in the areas of education, commerce, arts, and science.