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2019 – 2020 Enrollment Wait-list

Palmetto Scholars Academy 2019 – 2020 Wait-list

Invite emails have been sent to students who received a spot during our enrollment lottery.  To view the wait-list for remaining applicants please choose the grade and category of interest below.  You will need your student’s Lottery ID which was emailed to the parent or guardian on 2/11/2019.

6th Grade

6th Grade Sibling

6th Grade Military

7th Grade

7th Grade Sibling

7th Grade Military

8th Grade

8th Grade Sibling

8th Grade Military

9th Grade

9th Grade Sibling

9th Grade Military

10th Grade

10th Grade Sibling

10th Grade Military

11th Grade

11th Grade Sibling

11th Grade Military

12th Grade

12th Grade Sibling

12th Grade Military