PSA House System


The PSA House System was established with the following goals in mind:

  1. To increase the feeling of identity and belonging among individual students and increase the overall school culture at PSA.
  2. To assist in meeting the social and emotional needs of PSA students.
  3. To provide a system of accountability in which students hold each other responsible for their actions and contributions.
  4. To compete in the areas of academics, attendance, service, conduct and athletics and build a sense of sportsmanship and camaraderie among members of the same Houses.

Staff Leaders (House Advisors)

House advisors serve as heads of the House.  House advisors serve as role models and ensure that House activities are organized and that students are engaged in activities.  House advisors also serve as mentors who get to know their students and help ensure that their social and emotional needs are met.

Student Leaders (House Liasons)

Student will serve as House Captains.  These students may be appointed by House advisors or voted on by members of the House itself.  These House Captains will exercise limited authority within the House and assist in the organization of the House and House activities.

PSA Houses

The PSA House system provides a framework for meeting the social and emotional needs of students, encourages participation in school activities, and promotes leadership development.  PSA will have a total of four Houses, each named after a famous gifted individual.  Each House will have 4-7 advisors and no more than 20 students in each advisory class. Each advisory class will have a mixture of students in grades 6-11.

The Four Houses of PSA are:

  • House of Kahlo
    • Advisors:  Limina, Singleton, Moseley, Poetzscher, Reetz, Laviano, Coach K, Whitmore
  • House of DaVinci
    • Advisors:  Gadsden, Hudgens, Taylor, Drew, Folk, Reese
    • Color:  Green
    • House Leader: Hudgens
  • House of Aretha 
    • Advisors:  Ruth, Aust, McQuatters, Brogan, Truesdale, Warder, Thomas
    • Color:  Purple
    • House Leader:  Truesdale
  • House of Schrodinger
    • Advisors:  Gregory, Hakamiun, Harris, Krallman, McAllister,Mitchell, Sullivan, Wright
    • Colors:  Black and White
    • House Leader:  Wright

House Advisory

Advisory class will be in between 1st and 2nd block on A days as well as on Leap Days.  Advisory will vary by House/Advisor, however the goal of advisory is to give students the opportunity to connect with their Advisors and other students in their advisory/House.  Advisory time may consist of:  Team-building, preparing for House competitions, social/emotional learning, study time, games, mentoring, grade-level meetings, and individual House gatherings/meetings.

Town Hall Meetings

Town Hall meetings will take place at the beginning of every Leap Day.  Students will sit by grade and by House.  Town Hall will consist of announcements, celebrations, and House competitions.

House Competitions

A secondary feature of the PSA House system is friendly competition between Houses.  Competitions and charity drives are also often organized along House lines for the benefit of the school and community.  In addition to points being awarded for these activities, points for Honor Roll, positive behavior, participation in school activities, and leadership demonstration may also be earned.  

Individual Houses can request to conduct House competitions during Advisory.

It is highly suggested/recommended that each House host at LEAST ONE advisory competition and at LEAST ONE charity drive throughout the school year.  Houses can co-host events as well!

House Point System

House points for competitions are awarded utilizing a tier system:

  • Tier 1:  A competition of equal opportunity from each House to send 1-5 reps to compete; 15 points for winner.
  • Tier 2: A competition (can include fundraisers and drives) where more than five House members are participating; 1st place = 50 points, 2nd place = 30, and 3rd place = 15.
  • Tier 3:  A competition that involves the entire HS, entire MS, or the entire school (ex:  Pep Rally); 75 points for the winner.

Town Hall Meetings

Town Hall meetings will take place at the beginning of every Leap Day.  Students will sit by grade and by House.  Town Hall will consist of announcements, celebrations, and House competitions.  Town Halls will be organized by Middle School and High School House Councils on a rotating basis.  

The House Cup

The House Cup will be awarded at the end of the year to the House that has earned the most points throughout the year.


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