What is the PSA House System?

  • The goal of the PSA House System is to ensure that our school has a family feel
  • To promote positive relationships and mentoring for students
  • To promote positive relationships between faculty and students
  • To give every student another caring adult
  • To instill a sense of pride in being a PSA Scholar and member of a House
  • To boost character education

The PSA Houses are named after Greek  gods & goddesses for the 4 character traits in RISE.

Each crest has an animal that represents one of the 4 core values of our school (RISE).

The Houses are:

House Kratos (Respect) BULL

House Athena (Integrity) OWL

House Heracles (Sportsmanship) LION

House Poseidon (Excellence) STALLION

Each House will have 1 teacher that will serve as House advisor

Kratos: Mr. Reetz

Poseidon: Ms. Hudgens

Athena: Ms. Brown

Heracles: Ms. Roberts





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