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Palmetto Scholars Academy Lottery Application

2019 – 2020 School Year

Your student can apply for to enroll in our 2019-2020 school year at Palmetto Scholars Academy by participating in our enrollment lottery.  Please click on the application link below to participate.  The deadline for applications to participate in our 2019 – 2020 Enrollment Lottery is is January 31, 2019. 

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For transfers during the current school year, applications are date-stamped when received by the school and enrollment is offered on a space-available basis and in the order in which they are received. For the upcoming school year, all applications are date-stamped and held, until the point at which more applications are received than there is space available. If more applications are received than there is space available, a closed lottery will be held to determine wait list position. Applicants who are added to the wait list will be notified as their status on the wait list changes. The lottery will be held on February 20,2019 at 5 pm and is closed to the public.

Who is eligible to attend PSA?

PSA is open to all South Carolina students who are currently eligible for grades 6 – 12. Verification of South Carolina residency is a requirement for admission.

There is no minimum test score requirement to be enrolled at PSA, but all students selected for enrollment must attend a mandatory pre-enrollment testing session and participate in a student interview with school personnel before they attend classes. Testing and interview times will be assigned when parents are given the enrollment packet. Parents will be required to discuss test scores and interview results prior to their child attending classes at PSA. Failure to complete the testing and student interview requirements can result in forfeiture of your child’s space at PSA if there are students on the waiting list for that grade level.

In accordance with Section 59-40-50 of the South Carolina Charter Schools Act, Palmetto Scholars Academy’s admission policy will be to admit all children eligible to attend public school in South Carolina, subject to space limitations. The school will recruit, register and admit students without regard to race, religion, gender, natural origin, disability, or need for special education services. Palmetto Scholars Academy will, however, maintain accelerated and rigorous curriculum standards geared toward challenging gifted and talented students. It is not a good academic fit for all children.

To transfer your student during the current school term, please call the school for access to the online application for the current year.  Note that this is for immediate enrollment, not for the upcoming academic year.

How can I know if PSA is the right school for my child?

Curriculum, instruction, and academic expectations at PSA are designed for students identified as gifted and talented.  While many students who are not in the gifted and talented category may find success in our school, it is important for parents to make an informed decision regarding the probability of success for their child.  The principal or guidance staff should be contacted for an advisement meeting prior to parents making a decision about enrollment.

What classes will my child take at PSA?

The sixth grade coursework at PSA is generally what is offered for seventh grade at most schools (for example, the 6th grade math book is titled as a 7th grade text). Students whose academic levels are higher than those “typical” classes for their age-appropriate grade may be advanced to higher level coursework. Note: All core classes are offered at the Honors level unless specified as Advanced Placement. 

What happens if you get more applications than space available?

A lottery will be conducted. Applications received have exceeded space available every year PSA has been open so far. See below for how this lottery will be conducted.

How will a lottery be conducted for each year of operation if applications exceed the capacity?

If the number of applications received by the deadline exceeds the number of pupils permitted per grade, a lottery will be conducted for those grade level(s), in compliance with Section 59-40-50 of the SCCSA (1996). Parents or guardians of all affected applicants will be notified via email or US Mail of the date and time of the lottery. The lottery will be conducted as a public meeting and representatives of Palmetto Scholars Academy and a recruited SC Notary Public will be on hand to conduct and ensure lawful operation of the lottery.

To ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding the lottery, the PSA Board of Directors has published these Enrollment Lottery Guidelines.