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Katie's Krops is one place to volunteer at PSA. The group grows and donates food to the needy.


Parents and students, log your hours using the link below.


Volunteering not only promotes personal growth, self-esteem, and civic responsibility, but it also brings people together and strengthens the community.  In addition, colleges consider the amount of community service a student has completed when making admissions and scholarship decisions.

Because of the great benefits associated with volunteerism, it is recommended that each student at Palmetto Scholars Academy complete at least ten (10) hours of community service per academic year.  Service must benefit an organization or individual that is not related to the student in any way.  If the student has any questions about whether something will be approved – please email Terra Poetzscher.

A PSA parent is required to support the school with his/her time through donating a minimum of ten (10) hours of volunteer service during the school year, setting a good example for PSA students. Families with more than one child are asked to work five (5) additional hours per each additional child with a maximum of 20 hours per family. PSA will no longer be accepting donations in lieu of volunteering.