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PSA team’s experiment to be used on International Space Station

Look Out Universe! Here Comes PSA! PSA team's experiment to be used on International Space Station   PSA’s Detects Team has won a national award and a spot for their experiment onboard the International Space Station. The project, if successful, could save...

Newsletter 5.19.21

Newsletter 5.19.21 Spanish Newsletter 5.19.21

Thank you to teachers

Say "Thank you" to your teachers in The Phoenix student newspaper. What a year! This has been a challenging one for students, teachers, and parents. The Phoenix staff would like to recognize teachers who have made this year a little more bearable with a special “Thank...

CDC Guidance for Schools

CDC School Guidance Update

Newsletter 5.12.21

Newsletter 5.12.21

The Impact of Birds, an independent study project by Finlee Rice

Finlee Rice, a seventh-grader in Ms. Ruth’s class, created a project to help change the world. The project was an independent study for science class. Her project is on the importance of birds and how to help them by protecting their environment.  Finlee wanted to...
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