PSA Facts


Palmetto Scholars Academy is a public charter school with curriculum specifically designed for gifted and talented students in grades 6-12. Our first graduating class is the class of 2015. View our SC Department of Education Report cards:


PSA was formed by a group of parents and educators seeking a unique educational experience for high ability students. They wanted a school setting that provided academic challenge in all subjects (not just math and English language arts) and met the social and emotional needs of gifted students.


Palmetto Scholars Academy (PSA) will provide a differentiated program designed to meet the educational needs of intellectually gifted learners, address their distinctive social and emotional needs, promote individual character development and instill a life-long love of learning. Our students will engage with leading innovative organizations in higher education, business and science, to empower them to make original and impactful contributions toward the elevation of South Carolina in the areas of education, commerce, arts and science.

** Note: The 2014 report cards issued by the SC State Department of Education erroneously assigned a value of “Average” instead of “Excellent” to PSA’s Middle School “Growth” metric. We have been informed that this error will be corrected with updated report cards posted on their website by mid-February 2015.

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