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The PSA Difference

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How Can I Know if PSA is the right school for my child?

Curriculum, instruction, and academic expectations at PSA are designed for students identified as gifted and talented.  While many students who are not in the gifted and talented category may find success in our school, it is important for parents to make an informed decision regarding the probability of success for their child.  The principal or guidance staff should be contacted for an advisement meeting prior to parents making a decision about enrollment.

What are some of the characteristics of a Gifted and Talented learner?


Creativeness and inventiveness. Keen sense of humor. Ability for fantasy. Openness to stimuli, wide interests. Intuitiveness. Flexibility. Independence in attitude and social behavior. Self-acceptance and lack of concern for social norms. Radicalism. Aesthetic and moral commitment to self-selected work.


Unusual emotional depth and intensity. Sensitivity or empathy to the feelings of others. High expectations of self and others, often leading to feelings of frustration. Heightened self-awareness, accompanied by feelings of being different. 


Spontaneity. Boundless enthusiasm. Intensely focused on passions—resists changing activities when engrossed in own interests. Highly energetic. Constantly questions. Insatiable curiosity. Impulsive, eager, and spirited. Perseverance—strong determination in areas of importance. 

Charter Schools

South Carolina first established charter schools with the Charter Schools Act of 1996.  H. 3241 revised the Charter School Law – view the Summary Sheet of major changes.

In South Carolina, a charter school can be established in one of the 86 county-based school districts or in the South Carolina Public Charter School District (SCPCSD). PSA is part of the SCPCSD. As such, PSA can enroll students from any county.

Charter schools are simply another form of public schools.

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VEX Robotics 2.2022

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The PSA Difference

The PSA Difference

Who is PSA?