Middle School

PSA creates a personalized approach to gifted and talented learning. Students operate, at minimum, one grade level ahead of the State Core Standards. This accelerated pace benefits the gifted child who self-advocates, critically thinks, problem solves, and effectively communicates. Middle school students will be challenged and engage in learning that will require them to think outside of the box. Your child can expect to be enrolled in courses that many students would not take until high school. Therefore, it is imperative that the aforementioned skills are well developed prior to joining PSA. You can expect courses such as Geometry, English 1 Honors, Algebra 1, etc. to be taken. Your child's designated course track will be analyzed and developed by our counseling team. 

The PSA Difference

Palmetto Scholars Academy (PSA) is a public charter school designed to discover, nurture, and optimize the full potential of intellectually gifted 6th-12th grade students