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Education at PSA

Students reading

Photo by Ariana Brown

Darby Burns and other students read and work on essays in Mrs. Buckley-Kuhn's ELA class.

The PSA curriculum is intentionally designed based upon several considerations:

  • Ensuring curriculum meets the needs of a gifted and talented student body;

  • Offering an array of courses that invite inquiry into intellectual and pre-professional pursuits that extend beyond the PSA experience;

  • Providing courses that are “beyond AP” in the approach to content;

  • Satisfying the graduation requirements of public high schools in South Carolina;

  • Offering courses providing students experiences in preparation for the rigor of college.


The PSA high school curriculum builds upon the foundational middle school experiences and creates a coherent academic program that prepares students broadly and deeply in core subjects as well as allows students to explore, conduct research, and produce original works in areas of interest. Students also cultivate interdisciplinary knowledge, integrating course content across various disciplines (e.g., other mathematics, sciences, music, architecture, visual arts) and contexts (e.g., religious, ethical, political, legal, and social).

In developing the PSA school curriculum, the PSA faculty, staff, and leadership work collaboratively to design and continuously improve the seven year learning experience.