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Dual Enrollment

Welcome to Dual Enrollment at Palmetto Scholars Academy! We are delighted that you have chosen to begin your college education by participating in this great educational venture! Whether you are planning to complete required courses to earn a South Carolina Diploma or wanting a head start in earning college credits, the Dual Enrollment Program at PSA is here to assist with your personal, educational success! 
We at PSA are supportive of your decision to get an early start on your college career experiences. To support you in this effort, this Handbook has been developed. It provides valuable information to help guide your decision-making processes as you and your family chart your course to success.

We encourage you to review the information outlined here, share it with your parents and use it to stimulate discussions with your Dual Enrollment Coordinator and Professional High School Counselor as you develop a roadmap to take you not only to PSA, but to other colleges and universities as well. 

PSA is but one part of the team working to assist you in fulfilling your academic goals. Best wishes for a challenging and exciting academic year. 

Dual Enrollment Handbook


College courses taken while attending Palmetto Scholars Academy are not guaranteed to transfer to other universities after high school graduation. Participation in Dual Enrollment at Palmetto Scholars Academy is considered a PRIVILEGE, NOT a RIGHT.